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Revision 1.120 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Dec 10 03:35:13 2009 UTC (7 years, 10 months ago) by ranantha
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: cog_jglobus_1_8_0, cog_jglobus_1_8_0_RC2
Changes since 1.119: +2 -0 lines
Bug 6883

= 1.8.0 ==================================================================

 (12/09) https://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=6883

 (12/02) Patch from Martin Feller which fixes:

 (12/02) GridFTP test suit script.  Will allow users to run the gridftp
         test suit without excessive configuration steps.  The user 
         must have a proper globus environment including GLOBUS_LOCATION
         set and globus-gridftp-server in their path.

 (11/28) Patch from Gerd Behrmann to provide a configurable refresh
 	  interval for CRL loading. 

 (10/21) Patch from Jon Siwek (NCSA) to perform full certificate
         verification in org.globus.gsi.GlobusCredential.verify()
         (as suggested in a "TODO" comment)
         instead of just checking certificate expiration:

 (10/20) Patch from Gerd Behrmann (behrmann@ndgf.org) on normalizing
          email address in DNs for signing policy
          parsing. http://svn.dcache.org/WebSVN/filedetails.php?repname=dCache&path=%2Ftrunk%2Fmodules%2Fexternal%2Fcog%2Fcog-srmlib%2Fcog-jglobus-1.7-signing-policy-dn.patch. The
          patch has been applied as is.

= 1.7.0 ==================================================================

 (06/29) Patch from Gerd Behrmann (behrmann@ndgf.org) on using a key
          pair cache. Patch has been modified to allow connfigurable lifetime
          and use of cache. http://svn.dcache.org/WebSVN/filedetails.php?repname=dCache&path=%2Ftrunk%2Fmodules%2Fexternal%2Fcog%2Fcog-srmlib%2Fcog-jglobus-1.4-cache-keypair.patch

 (06/29) Patch from Gerd Behrmann (behrmann@ndgf.org) on converting
         trusted certificates into X509 Certificate objects. Patch has been
         modified to convert only on
         reload. http://svn.dcache.org/WebSVN/filedetails.php?repname=dCache&path=%2Ftrunk%2Fmodules%2Fexternal%2Fcog%2Fcog-srmlib%2Fcog-jglobus-1.4-trusted-certificates-v2.patch

 (06/15) Implemented MyProxy trust root bootstrapping,
         contributed by Neill Miller (ANL):

 (05/07) Changed org.globus.gsi.bc.BouncyCastleCertProcessingFactory
         to use org.bouncycastle.x509.X509V3CertificateGenerator which
         replaces the deprecated
         org.bouncycastle.jce.X509V3CertificateGenerator class. The
         new class supports the SHA-2 family of hash functions. The
         deprecated class doesn't.

 (04/21) Implement MyProxy trust root provisioning, contributed
         by Neill Miller (ANL):

 (03/31) Use 1024 bit keys in MyProxy:

 (02/09) Fixed bug http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=6642

= 2008 ====================================================================

 (10/30) Fixed bug http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=6512
 (10/29) Added code to automatically tell the gridftp server that it
         is speaking to a cog client.

 (10/24) Fixed bug http://bugzilla.globus.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=6498

 (10/24) Add support for fail-over to a list of myproxy-server hosts:

 (10/08) Fixed bug  http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=6260

 (10/07) Fixed bug  http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=6010

= version 1.6.0 ===========================================================

 (09/29) Update version number to 1.6.0. Other bug fixed in this version:

 (07/16) Fix for bug:
 http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=4933 and
 http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=6029. Updated
 version to 1.5.2

 (07/09) Fix for bug: http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=5983. 
 Updated version to 1.5.1

= version 1.5.0 ===========================================================

 (06/01) Updated version number. Added documentation.

 (03/19) Added support for tab character as separator in signing policy files.

 (02/26) Added support for signing policy enforcement.

 (02/26) Fixed CRL validation to throw an error when expired CRL is detected.

 (01/21) Added API in PortRange to check if a given port number is
 with in range.

 (01/04) Changed default proxy generated to be RFC 3820 compliant.

 (01/03) Update to latest version of Apache Log4j (1.2.15)

= 2007 ======================================================================  

 (12/03) Changed that to allow retreiving the last reply. The
         semantics of the previous scheme were a bit contrived.

 (11/30) Added ability to retrieve the initial FTP server reply 
         (which would usually contain the server version). This is 
         only possible immediately after the client connects (i.e.
         after the call to the [Grid]FTPClient constructor.

 (11/25) Added a flag to FTP and GridFTP client to switch between
         ALLO or no ALLO before a STOR. This is set to 'false' by
         default in the FTP client and 'true' in the GridFTP client.
 (11/25) UrlCopy now tries to use ALLO with GridFTP destinations.
         This can be disabled with the "-no-allo" command line flag.

 (10/30) Added totalSize method to DataSource
 (10/30) The put() methods will send an ALLO request if the
         DataSource supports totalSize().

 (10/29) Merged the lots of small files transfer API

 (10/23) Added API to get file name from GridMap object

 (09/10) Fixed bugs:
 (08/29) Applied patch from 
         It adds on the fly checksum checks (SKCS) support to the GridFTP

 (08/15) Fixed bugs:

 (05/03) Changed timestamp format for Log4j util class to comply with
         CEDPS requirement.

 (11/06) Changed the default port returned by https handler to 443 
         instead of 8443:

 (11/06) Fixed bugs: 

 (10/23) Fixed bugs:

 (10/17) Added Log4j utility classes to print out the log date in ISO8601 
         different formats.

 (10/13) Fixed bugs:

------------------------------  1.4  ------------------------------------------

 (10/10) Removed old/unsupported PKCS11 code. Fixed some old GUI components for
         generating proxy credentials and uploading them to MyProxy server.

 (09/28) MyProxy client will now try to connect to MyProxy server trying all 
         server addresses returned by DNS lookup (instead of first one only):

 (09/20) Added option to get path length in ProxyInfo
 (08/18) Updated version information, new version: 1.4.0

 (08/17) Increased the default transfer timeout in the GridFTP library to
         30 seconds for FTP transfers and 60 seconds for GridFTP transfers.

 (08/16) Added error codes to all errors in security packages and
         added i18n of error messages. (Last error code: [JGLOBUS-115])

 (07/31) Fixed potential security hole to ensure that files that are
         opened to write are created securely. Added method createFile in Util
         class to do relevant checks. Fixed permissions on created files
         before a write is done. 

 (07/31) Added support to UrlCopy library for setting TCP buffer size for
         3rd party GridFTP transfers.

 (07/26) Added support to MyProxy for certificate-based credential renewal:

 (07/06) Added an option to GridMap class to ignore invalid entries:

 (07/06) Made UserNamePrincipal class serializable:

---------------------------- GT 4.1.0 -----------------------------------------

 (05/22) Optimized way of getting a default credential in GlobusGSSManagerImpl.

 (05/22) Upgrade to latest Apache Commons Logging release (1.1).

 (05/22) Updated lifetime parameter in MyProxy docs

 (05/04) Updated JavaDoc for Util.setFilePermissions() and ConfigUtil.getUID()
         with warnings on executing external programs.

 (05/01) Fixed handling of sslv23 hello messages.

 (04/18) Added support for partial 3rd party transfers to the UrlCopy library
 (04/06) Fixed bugs:

 (03/28) Upgrade to latest Apache Commons Logging release (1.0.4).

 (03/14) Fixed bugs:

 (03/10) Added SelfHost authorization implementation.

 (03/01) Upgrade to latest BouncyCastle release (1.31).
         Upgrade to latest Log4j release (1.2.13).

 (02/14) Updated GssSocket to automatically close itself if getOutputStream()
         or getInputStream() fails with an error.

 (01/20) Updated license headers.

= 2006 ======================================================================

 (11/30) Committed fixes and tests for 

 (10/31) Optimized the GridFTP library: one less thread will be used during
         the transfers, and made the GridFTP control channel use buffered

 (10/28) Fixed getDefault() methods in TrustedCertificates and
         CertificationRevocationList to differentiate scenario when CoG
         default locations are used and otherwise.

 (10/21) Added .hashCode() and .equals() operatins for HostAuthorization, 
         and IdentityAuthorization

 (10/21) The GlobusCredential.getDefaultCredential() will now reload the proxy
         credential if the proxy file has changed (instead only when the
         proxy was expired)

 (10/19) Committed fixes and tests for 

 (10/03) Added support for HTTP POST operations for the GSIHttpURLConnection
         class. Code was provided by Bill Baker @ NCSA.

 (10/03) Added ClassLoaderUtils and fixed I18n bundle loading issues

 (09/20) Changed the license to Apache 2.0, www.cogkit.org/license

 (08/08) Clarified CertUtil.toGlobusDN() JavaDocs:

---------------------------- GT 4.0.1 -----------------------------------------

 (07/19) Updated GSI socket library to properly read SSLv2 client hello

 (07/13) Updated MyProxy code - contributions from Jim Basney from NCSA:
         - Added support for store() operation 
            o http://bugzilla.globus.org/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=3558
         - Updated Javadocs, and made old myproxy function deprecated
            o http://bugzilla.globus.org/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=3559
         - Updated lifetime of retrieved proxy to 12 hours, and
           changed where the retrieved proxy gets stored
            o http://bugzilla.globus.org/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=3560

 (07/08) Added auto flush functionality to GssOutputStream base class.

 (06/22) Added an option of GSI library to get the 'limited' status of client's
         proxy certificates.

 (06/21) Committed fixes and tests for 

 (06/06) Exposed new extendedTransfer() function in GridFTPClient to allow for
         partial 3rd party transfers.

 (06/06) Made GlobusURL to ignore white spaces (in front or the back) of the
         string url argument.

 (06/06) Added checks for null arguments to some operations in FTPClient.

 (05/11) Added support for GLOBUS_UDP_SOURCE_PORT_RANGE property. It controls
         what local ports are used for datagram sockets

 (05/11) Added support for other (AES) encryption algorithms for private
         keys (http://bugzilla.globus.org/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=3329)

 (05/07) Added support for IPv6 to the GridFTP library. IPv6 commands should
         be automatically used if the remote server is connected via IPv6

 (05/05) Added support for nlist() (NLST) operation to the GridFTP library.

 (05/04) Added support for allocate() (ALLO) and checksum() (CKSM) operations 
         to GridFTP library. Also, added API for setting protection level
         on the control channel (privacy vs. integrity). Privacy protection
         is enabled by default.

 (05/04) Added support for GLOBUS_TCP_SOURCE_PORT_RANGE property. It controls
         what local ports are used for client sockets.

---------------------------- GT 4.0.0 -----------------------------------------

 (04/18) Updated license/copyright header in source files.

 (04/07) Committed fixes for

 (03/30) Committed fixes for 

 (03/29) Committed fix for compliance with RFC 3820.
 (02/21) Changed code to use Apache Commons Logging API instead of direct 
         Log4j API. Log4j is still used as the logging mechanism. All code
         was switched except the gatekeeper code. 
         As a side effect of this change calls to log.trace() translate as
         Log4j' log.debug() calls. Therefore, when log4j logging level is set
         to DEBUG all the messages logged with .trace() will also be displayed.

 (02/20) Merged jglobus-jgss branch to trunk.

 (01/27) Committed a performance patch to SortedVector from 
         Juan Frias.

 (01/25) Changed CertUtil.getCertificateFactory() to return a new factory
         instance each time. That is a workaround for some problems with BC
         CertificateFactory implementation.

 (01/12) Improved output format of chained exceptions

 (01/12) Updated logging. Changed some .info() logging to .debug()

 (01/06) Fixed incorrect set buffer size command: STORBUFIZE -> STORBUFSIZE

= 2005 ======================================================================

 (10/20) Added optional JNDI SASL classes to make GSI work with JNDI under 
         Java 1.5. 
         To compile the new SASL classes with Java 1.3 or 1.4 download 
         sasl.jar from http://www.worldspot.com/jsr28/. 

 (10/19) Updated to the latest BC provider (v 1.25)

 (10/15) Changed https/https url handlers to load url connection class
         from context classloader to work around some JVM issues.
         Also, separated code into 3 jar files: 
          o cog-jglobus.jar - contains the core code (part of GT)
          o cog-url.jar - contains the https/httpg url handlers (part of GT)
          o cog-jobmanager.jar - contains old gram code (not part of GT)

 (10/14) Made a few security classses serializable. 

 (10/12) Moved Axis and Tomcat https/httpg extensions to another cvs.
         cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.cogkit.org:/cvs/cogkit co src/jglobus-fx
 (10/09) Fixed GASS client and https/httpg connection handlers to send
         HTTP Host header always with a port number. 

 (10/04) Added HTTPS support for Tomcat. Code needs to be compiled
         againts Tomcat 5 but the library generated will work with 
         Tomcat 5 and 4.

 (10/03) Added support to GridFTPClient to pass a specific username to 
         authenticate the user as. This is in case a user dn is mapped
         into a number of different accounts in gridmap file.

 (09/28) Fixed mlst(file) handling and reply parsing.

 (09/22) Added https protocol handlers to be used in Axis.

 (09/14) Added support for -cert, -key options to MyProxy client. Also,
         enabled such that -cert can now load multiple certificates from
         the specified file (this works for MyProxy and grid-proxy-init

 (09/14) MyProxy server authorization update

 (08/12) Updated grid-proxy-init and myproxy clients not to display the 
         password to the console (the algorithm used is not always reliable)

 (08/11) Fixed bugs:

--------------------------- 1.2 / GT 3.2.1 ------------------------------------

 (06/15) Removed old gara and replica catalog code from cvs and distribution.

 (06/14) Altered GSSAPI implementation such that if delegation is
         requested, expected target name is required - the delegation cannot be
         requested without authorization (passing non null target name).
         Updated GRAM client, GridFTP client, GSIHTTPUrlConnection, and
         GSIHTTPSender to pass non-null target name.

 (06/10) Fixed OpenSSLKey class so that it can be converted to String and from
         String without being decrypted first (if it was encrypted).

 (04/30) Fixed bugs:

 (04/29) Optimized BaseServer.shutdown() method to use the local ip address
         instead of a remote one.

 (04/29) Fixed bugs:

-------------------------------- GT 3.2 final ---------------------------------

 (02/20) Fixed bugs:

-------------------------------- GT 3.2 beta ----------------------------------

 (02/03) Modified org.globus.util.ConfigUtil to recognize Max OS X
         as Unix. Also, provided a workaround for certificates
         with bad BasicConstraints extension.

 (01/30) Fixed bugs:

 (01/25) Fix a problem with PROTECTION_PRIVATE mode data transfers in 
         the gridftp library. Also fixed a synchronization issue.

 (01/26) Added GridCertRequest tool (a contribution from National Research
         Council of Canada)

 (01/05) Updated FTP library. Added support for partial file access 
         (http://bugzilla.globus.org/globus/show_bug.cgi?id=1433) and
         adjusted store mode. Also, resolved extendedPut/Get vs. put/get 
         issues. Now, extendedPut/Get does not need to be used for MODE E 
         transfers. Regular put/get function can be used instead. 
         extendedGet function is now specifically for partial file access 
         and extendedPut function is for adjusted store mode transfers. 

 (01/01) Fixed bugs:

= 2004 ======================================================================

 (12/17) Updated puretls.jar library. Added an option to configure the 
         behavior of the SSL library in case where the client does
         not have/send certificates and client authentication was
         requested. That behavior can also be controlled in GSSContext
         via context.setOption(GSSConstants.ACCEPT_NO_CLIENT_CERTS)
         Fixed bugs:

 (12/12) Added large file support to io/stream classes. Some API (mainly 
         io/stream classes) were modified to accept and return parameters of 
         type 'long' instead of 'int'. Code that uses these API might need 
         to be modified and recompiled.

 (12/05) Updated the grid-proxy-init program to perform proxy verification 
         tests by default. It also checks now if the source certificate/key
         match up. These checks can be disabled by using "-noverify" argument.
 (12/05) FTPOutputStream.java now honors the append parameter.

 (12/04) Changed the TrustedCertificates class so that the directories/files
         can be rescanned at runtime.

 (11/24) Added check for "reject limited proxy" in ProxyPathValidator.
	 Fixed bugs:
 (11/14) Fixed a synchronization bug in Gram for interactive jobs submissions.
         When called from multiple threads, multiple callback handlers could 
         be started for the same credential.
 (11/13) Implemented .hashCode() and .equals() method on 
         GlobusGSSCredentialImpl. This helps Gram to reuse callback handlers 
         for the same credential.

 (11/12) Added .close(boolean) method to FTPClient to allow closing of 
         FTP connections with or without waiting for server's reply to the
         QUIT command.

 (11/11) Updated cryptix-asn1.jar library with a fix for bug 1346
 (10/21) Updated gateeekper.GateKeeperServer.java, gram.CallbackHandler.java
         and net.BaseServer.java to return proper URLs in case of IPv6 enabled

 (10/21) Fixed bugs:

 (10/10) Updated org.globus.util.GlobusURL and 
         org.globus.common.ResourceManagerContact to accept and parse
         IPv6 literal addresses (enclosed in square brackets)

 (10/07) Updated HTTPInputStream/GassInputStream to support HTTP redirects

 (9/27)  Added data channel reuse for 3-party and client-server transfers
         to the ftp client. Also, added support for MLSD and MLST commands.

 (8/28)  Added support for passing arbitrary number of proxy policy
         handlers to GSSAPI. 
         Defined and implemented inquireByOid function for
         GSS Credentials and GSS Context.
         Added support for including an arbitrary number of X.509 extensions
         in generated proxy certificates.

 (8/12)  Added code for ProxyPathValidator to perform CRL checks.
 	 Also, added a class and util methods to load and process 
	 the CRLs.

-------------------------------- 1.1 ------------------------------------------

 (7/14)  Removed jaas.jar, ldap.jar, jndi.jar, and ldapbp.jar 
         because of licensing issues.

 (7/11)  Fixed bugs:

 (7/07)  Fixed RemoteGassServer credential problem.

 (7/01)  Updated FileInfo API for getting file permissions.
         Contribution from Warren Smith.

 (6/26)  Fixed bugs:

 (6/20)  Removed extKeyUsage extension handling. The
         extKeyUsage extension is no longer copied into 
         proxy certificates. The cert path validation code
         doesn't check for extKeyUsage constrains any more.

 (6/19)  Fixed FTPClient.exists() function to work with files
         and directories. 
         Increased secure data channel establishment timeout.
         Fixed gsiftp->ftp url copy transfers.

 (6/16)  Fixed bugs:

 (6/10)  Integrated JAAS with GSS Manager. createCredential() will
         check the current Subject object for credential.
 (5/25)  Fixed bugs:

 (5/14)  Updated MyProxy client. Added multiple credential support,
         change password operation, credential renewers/retrievers, etc.

 (5/13)  Added globus header license to all files.

 (5/12)  Updated PureTLS library to 0.9b4

 (5/07)  Added an utility class for internationalization.

 (5/05)  Removed junit.Assert runtime dependency from ftp classes.

 (4/15)  Added JAAS abstration utility classes.

 (4/04)  New proxy cert info extension updates (removed version field)

 (3/31)  Added quote and site operations to gridftp client library

 (3/11)  Added gridmap refresh functionality.

 (3/03)  Updated KeyUsage extension handling as specified by latest 
         (new proxy cert format) spec.

 (2/21)  Fixed bugs:

-------------------------------- 1.1a -----------------------------------------

 (2/20)  Added some API from the old ftp library to ease migration to the
         new ftp library.
 (2/13)  Fixed bugs:

 (1/29)  Fixed bugs:

 (1/05)  Fixed bugs:

= 2003 ======================================================================

 (12/08) Deprecated all code in org/globus/security except
         org.globus.security.gridmap package.

 (12/08) Deprecated all code in org/globus/io/ftp.

 (12/08) Deprecated the old debugging code in org/globus/util/debug.

 (12/06) Added org.globus.ftp.app.Transfer: small command line application 
	 performing 3rd party transfer.

 (12/05) FileInfo now does not throw exceptions on device file entries 
	 (but it does not fully parse them either).

 (11/07) Updated the UrlCopy library & command line tool to use the updated  
         stream classes, and the new ftp library. Also, added support for
         setting source and destination authorization type, and 
	 enabling/disabling DCAU.

 (11/06) Updated FTP stream classes to use the new ftp library. Added support
         for setting transfer type (ASCII, Image)

 (11/05) Added 'authorization' parameter to the constructor of stream classes 

 (11/05) Imported the new ftp library.

 (11/04) Imported GSI Axis and GSI Tomcat extensions.

 (11/03) Added support of 'info' operation for MyProxy.

 (11/02) Converted most of the code (libraries and the tools) to use the 
         new security library (pkcs11 is not updated as of yet)

 (11/01) Imported the new security library. It is based on PureTLS and
         BouncyCastle libraries (both open-source and free for commercial
         use) The new security library is an implementation of Java GSSAPI.

------------------------ 1.0 ----------------------------------------------

 (10/15) Fixed bugs:

 (07/02) Fixed bugs: 

 (07/01) Replaced the Base64 library with Apache version (because of licensing

 (06/28) Added transferCompleted() to UrlCopyListener.java to indicate
         transfer completion (bug #44)
 (06/25) Added an experimental implementation of GSSAPI GSI (uses socket-based
         SSL library underneath)

 (06/20) Fixed MyProxy client to work with latest MyProxy server 
         (version 0.4.4) (bug #42)

 (06/14) Fixed ascii data transmission bug over protected data channel.

 (04/30) Fixed bug #39. Also fixed a problem with RequestThread in ftp. In certain
         cases the thread would not get stopped.

 (04/29) Fixed bug #33.

 (04/28) Fixed bug #36. Made MDSException chainable. Also marked the entire
         MDS class as deprecated.

 (04/25) Fixed a number of bugs in GridFTP code (bug #38, append mode in third
         party transfer, etc.)

 (04/15) Reimplemented grid-info-search. Added support for most options from
         standard 'ldapsearch' command line tool and added GSI SASL support.

------------------------ 0.9.13 ----------------------------------------------

- (03/28)  Added two methods to Gram class to explicitely register or 
           unregister a job from a given callback handler. Before, only
           the internal callback handler were used for job status updates.

- (03/20)  Added support for data channel authentication (DCAU) for the FTP
           library. Integrated the new FTP code with url-copy library and
           tool. Added GridFTP stream classes.

- (02/21)  Updated MyProxy API and added support for the anonymous get 
           operation (where local credentials are not required)

- (02/20)  Check in new iaik libraries (to work with Java 1.4)

- (02/18)  Added gridmap file support.

- (02/17)  Changed default behaviour of how user cert, key, ca certificates 
           and proxy files are discovered. Now, a system property is first 
           checked, then configuration option (initialized from from a file 
           for example) and then the local file system is checked 

- (02/16)  Added 'httpg' protocol handler for Java URL class. It can be
           seamlessly integrated with the standard Java URL class.

- (01/08)  Added initial implementation of Java gatekeeper/jobmanager. It is a
           full implementation of GRAM 1.0 protocol. The implementation 
           requires Java 1.3.1. Multiple users are supported but not setuid()

- (01/08)  Moved BaseServer.java class to net/ directory (from security
           directory) and updated depended classes.

= 2002 ======================================================================

- (12/16)  Misc. updates: updated host/service authentication, fixed rsl parser
           to handle quoted variable attributes (rsl_substitution) and to catch
           errors (unresolved variable references) during rsl evaluation.
	   Improved API for saving proxies.

- (12/04)  Explicit methods were added to set the default proxy credentials and
  	   default trusted certificates to use. Also, the GlobusProxy load() 
	   methods were updated to initialize a proxy with arbitrary sources of
	   trusted certificates. 

- (12/03)  Stream classes in org/globus/io/streams now extend from standard
	   Java IO stream classes.

- (12/03)  UrlCopy: progress reporting bug fixed (two fields were switched) and
	   added explicit methods for setting source and destination 

- (09/24)  More updates to GRAM library related to GRAM 1.5 protocol. 
	   The code was tested against the latest globus-beta code.

- (09/22)  Removed Netlogger.java from org/globus/util.

- (09/19)  The GRAM library was updated to support GRAM 1.5 protocol features.
	   A simple example was added to demonstrate most of the features.

- (09/18)  The setup program was slightly updated to use the new configuration code 
	   (CoGProperties.java) and fixed to support certificate directories for
	   trusted certificates.

- (09/17)  Added new graphical grid-proxy-init code into org/globus/tools/proxy.
	   The new code is now also integrated with the different demos.
	   The new code supports PKCS11 devices and is better integrated with the
	   new configuration code (CoGProperties.java)

- (09/16)  The ConfigUtil.java in org/globus/security was moved into
	   org/globus/util. The Config.java in org/globus/security is now
	   deprecated and replaced by CoGProperties.java in org/globus/common.

- (08/27)  Fixed the RSL parser to handle attributes with underscores in their

- (08/24)  Re-implemented the authorization framework. It is now more flexible as new
	   authorization code can be easily added and plugged into the existing code.

- (08/20)  Added support for multiple transfer listeners for the UrlCopy class.

-------------------------- 0.9.12 ---------------------------------------------------

- (08/15)  Updated the PKCS11 classes to support multiple credentials and integrated
	   the ProxyInit program with the new PKCS11 code. The new ProxyInit 
           program is able to generate a proxy from standard globus credentials 
           (from files) or directly from a PKCS11 device.

- (08/08)  Reimplemented GlobusRun tool to use the new RSL parser, and added support
	   for multiple GRAM submissions. This replaces the functionality of the 
 	   GramMultiJobRequest program. The GramMultiJobRequest program was removed
	   from the CVS along with the regular expression library and any reference
	   to it in the build files.

- (08/07)  Replaced the old RSL parser with a new more advanced version that 
	   supports parse trees, variable substitution, evaluation, and more. 
	   A new version of RslAttributes was also added (it is not entirely 
	   backwards compatible wit the old version, it was also moved to the
	   org.globus.rsl package) Also, a new class GramAttributes was added
	   to simplify operations on common GRAM attributes.

- (07/31)  Disabled SSL session management (session resume) in SSLClientConnection.	
	   It was causing problems with latest OpenSSL code. 

- (07/26)  Added makefiles to the org.globus.gos and org.globus.pkcs11.  The
	   pkcs11 makefile is only a dummy makefile at this point since we
           don't want this package to compile by default.

- (07/25)  Various updates to the io/streams and io/urlcopy classes. Mostly bug
	   fixes and minor enhancements. Factored out HTTPInput/OutputStream classes
	   from GassInput/OutputStream classes. Added supported for 'chunked' HTTP 
           downloads. Updated the gass server to properly decode urls and better
	   handle the relative vs. absolute file specifications.

- (07/25)  Changed org.globus.pkcs11.PKCS11Util so that the pkcs11 native dll is
           specified by a property rather than hardcoded.'

- (07/03)  Added preliminary pkcs11 support in the packages org.globus.pkcs11 and
           org.globus.pkcs11.tools.  This consists of two utility classes for dealing
           with pkcs11, and two programs: one to load Globus credentials onto pkcs11
           devices, and one to do a grid-proxy-init with credentials on pkcs11 devices.
           These packages require libraries from IBM available from alphaworks so
           these packages are not compiled by default at this time.

 - (07/03) Added a new tool for converting the Globus credentials to Java compatible
	   format - JKS supported by Sun. So the globus credentials can be used to
	   sign jar files.

 - (07/02) Gram updates: the rsl when sent over the wire is now properly quotified.
           Also, added the JOB_STATE_ALL mask to GRAM. Defined two functions in 
	   Util class to quotify and dequotify arbitrary strings.

 - (07/01) Fixed GlobusRun -f command to read the whole file instead of just the 
    	   first line.
 - (06/24) Moved GARA GUI stuff (workbench) to computingportals/gara/workbench.

 - (06/21) Improved error handling of the doDeleg() function in 
	   SSLClientConnection class. Now throws IOExceptions in case of an
	   error instead of displaying the error to stderr. Also added a
	   ChainedIOException class. Updated Gram and Gara to use the
	   updated function.

 - (06/12) Added JUnit testing library into the cvs. Implemented
	   first unit tests for MVHashtable class.
	   Also, removed jni/, attributes/, and blank/ directories
	   from CVS.

 - (06/11) MDS with GSI: Improved examples and provided more 

 - (06/11) MyProxy: Added options for selecting host and subject 
	   authentication. Also, updated javadoc.

 - (06/08) GassServer: fixed the bug when redirected streams where 
	   not closed. Also, updated the JobOutputListener and 
	   JobOutputStream classes with a call to indicate the closing for a 
	   stream. The JobOutputListener interface was changed. It might 
	   require updates of the client code that uses that interface.

 - (06/08) Updates to MyProxy documentation in javadoc. It specifies more
	   clearly which version of MyProxy code is required and where
	   it can be obtained from.

 - (05/18) Updated the error messages for the GRAM client. Also implemented
	   -dryrun and -parse options for GlobusRun command-line tool.

 - (05/16) Proxy loading code was improved. Also, new API was added so the 
  	   proxy can now be loaded from an arbitrary input stream or a byte

 - (05/15) Minor updates the the globusrun program. The internal gass server
	   now runs with more specific options. Also added toString() 
	   function to the GassServer for debugging purposes.

 - (04/15) Added secure ldap client libraries for both Netscape LDAP SDK
 	   and JNDI/LDAP provider. Please read README file before using.
--------------------------- 0.9.11 --------------------------------------
 - (02/16) Added support for /dev/urandom device (where available) so 
	   the seed generation would be much faster. A significant
	   improvement of the initialization time of CoG Kit tools
	   and libraries should be visible on Linux machines or on
	   machines with that device is installed. If the device
	   is not installed the default seed generator will be used
	   just like before.

 - (02/09) Config.java was updated with better documentation and a small
           change for the GPDK that allows for it to disable the reading 
	   of the cog.properties. 

 - (02/08) Base64.java class was updated to the latest version.
  	   Also, a small bug in the SSLeayKeyHolder.java class was fixed
	   that prevented reading private keys with some text before the

	   GlobusChainVerifier.java class was added to fix the problem
	   with the CA certificate with the extensions. It does what
	   the OpenSSL implementaion does - that is, ignores the CA
	   certificate that it received from the server and instead
	   compares it to the local copy of the CA certificate.

	   The SSLClientConnection was updated to use that new chain
	   verifier. The GSIServerSocketFactory does not need to be
	   updated at this point because it only trusts the user 
	   certificate. This might change in the future.

 - (01/30) SSLClientConnection class now is able to handle encrypted and 
	   unencrypted connections. The SSLEncClientConnection class 
           is obsolete and so is deleted from the CVS. To enable
	   encryption just call enableEncryption(true).

	   ProxyInit program is now also able to verify user certificate
 	   and CA certificate for signing. 

	   COG Version was updated to patch version 11.

	   Security classes were updated to automatically discover 
	   locations of CA certificates and proxy file. Also,
           the default trusted certificates are now cached in memory.
	   So if a new proxy is loaded, the trusted certificates do
	   no have to be re-loaded.

 - (01/19) Added size() and lastModified() functions to the FTP library.

 - (01/18) Fixed the windows scripts to work with COG_INSTALL_PATH that 
	   contains spaces in it. 

 - (01/17) Minor updates to the FTP library. Added socket timeouts and 
	   optimized the classes a bit for better efficiency.

 - (01/16) Added support for firewalls - creating server sockets within 
	   specified port ranges. The port range can be specified within
	   a cog.properites file or through the java system properties.

 - (01/15) Added ChainedException class and updated GlobusProxyException, 
	   GramException, MyProxyException to use that class for 
	   exception handling. It allows for chaining multiple exceptions
	   together. It helps to display more detailed messages and localize
	   errors faster.
	   Also, added Debug.out stream for displaying the debugging 
	   messages. All classes should use that stream to display its 

 - (01/04) Updated the FileInfo class to handle softlinks and spaces in

 - (01/04) Improved ProxyInit and MyProxy to work with both unencrypted
           and encrypted private user keys.

 - (01/04) Added an extra parameter to the GRAM library for specifying
	   full vs. limited delegation. Also updated the globusrun program
	   with an new command line option for enabling the full delegation.
	   The limitedproxy property in the cog.properties file is no
	   longer supported.

= 2001 ======================================================================

 ------------------ 0.9.10 --------------------------------------------

	- (12/03) Improved GridProxyInit to have a better UI as Alain suggested.

	- (11/27) Added new SSLeayKeyHolder class that allows decrypting and 
		  encrypting SSLeay keys. Also implemented a 
                  grid-chage-pass-phrase program.

	- (11/23) Added a class that represents a remote gass server. Also 
                  updated the FTP library to support ASCII data transfers 

	- (11/22) Added grid-cert-info program. Also updated 
                  SSLClientConnection class to perform better HOST 

	- (11/21) Updated the Gass server to support enabling/disabling 
                  writting, reading, stdout/err redirection and added a new 
                  program globus-gass-server-shutdown. Updated FTP to perform 
                  host authentication by default. It can still be disabled 
                  by calling setHostAuthentication() method.

	- (11/20) Implemented two new programs grid-proxy-info and 

	- (11/17) Updated FAQs with two more questions, updated build.xml 
                  file for ANT 1.2

	- (11/15) GSIFTP updates: added support for setting TCP socket 
                  buffers (local and remote) and added support for NLIST 
                  command for mgets() or copy() functions.

	- (10/16) Fixed minor problems with GassOutputStream. Only occured 
                  on Windows platorms.

	- (10/15) Updated the Gass Server program to have better command 
                  line interface.

	- (10/12) Added a Version class that returns current CoG version.

	- (10/11) Updated MyProxy tool to better reflect c client mesages. Also
		  a new proxy is always created for PUT operation.

	- (10/10) Minor changes to the mkprops.pl script to autodetect 
                  certificate directory.

   	- (10/10) Added FAQ.txt and README.txt files for binary distribution.
		  Fixed bunch of scripts to rely on the COG_INSTALL_PATH 

	- (9/27)  commited new configuration wizard that hopefully will 
                  simply the configuration of cog. with that also new batch 
                  and shell scripts where added for binary distribution. 

	- (9/27)  also added manifest file that is used internally by jar 
                  files. On windows machines it will start the configuration 
                  manager just by clicking on the jar file.

	- (9/22)  updates for MyProxy stuff: Added MyProxy program into tools
	  	  directory, implemented MyProxyTest and updated the MyProxy 
                  protocol to work with the latest MyProxy protocol. Also 
                  added batch and shell scripts for executing MyProxy tool.

	- (9/11)  added new gram example showing multiuser support

	- (9/11)  removed the old rsl-xml. (backup in Attic in CVS repos.)

	- (9/11)  fixed MDS examples in examples/ dir. All parameters are now
	  	  passed from command line.

	- (9/8)   moved the source code to src/ directory

	- (9/8)   add new exsists() method to ftp

	- (9/8)   updated the goUpDir() method in ftp to use ftp command 

	- (9/1)   updated javadoc documentation in a couple of classes

	- (8/25)  directory structure changes: programs -> tools
                  and new io package.

	- (8/25)  added visual GridProxyInit program

	- (8/20)  updated FTP and GSIFTP client libraries for support of
	          common ftp client operations such as list(), mget(), 
                  mput(), etc.

	- (8/20)  added new UrlCopy library (replacement for Transfer.java)

	- (8/15)  added support for multiple CAs

	- (8/15)  updated Gram and Gara callback handlers and Gass server
	          to share the same base server class.

	- (8/15)  fixed server side security problem (accepting wrong 
	- (7/11)  added a first implementation of myProxy (client side only)

	- (7/11)  fixed trusted cert problem

	- (7/11)  moved a couple of proxy functions from CertUtil class to 
                  GlobusProxy (load(), save(), destroy(), etc.)

	- (7/11)  added better error messages to proxy init function

	- implemented the HOST authorization mechanism. it is only enabled 
          in GRAM. GSIFTP currently is not enabled to perform HOST 

	- fixed Gram to verify the protocol version of the messages

	- updated Gram to read error messages from a file. 

        - updated globusrun to support Globus 1.1.3 specifying the resource
          manager contact

	- updated GSIFTP client to work with latest GSIFTP server 
          (verion 0.4.0)

	- globusrun: removed -rsl option. now excepts the last argument 
          to be RSL

        - fixed the proxy_sign function and proxy generation NOT to copy 
          the certificate extentions

	- updated GassServer to provide an easy way to redirect job stdout/err
	  to a user specifed window. nice for cool demos.
	  [JobOutputStream and JobOutputListener classes introduced]

	- GSIFTP was rewritten to support both GSIFTPD servers and to support
          direct server-to-server file transfers
        - removed iaik provider dependencies in our server code so that
          switching ssl providers will be less painful. right now only 4
          files need to be changed: CertUtil, SSLClientConnection, 
          SSLServerConnection and Util (all in security directory)

        - proxy_sign and proxy init did not copy certificate extensions. 
	  [fixed but not in provider independent way]

	- add simple applets for job submission with output
          redirection and proxy generation. 

	- add simple applets to the cvs (proxy, job submission, gara?)

	- removed gsiftp client dependecy on the iaik class

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